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Well150 — I was surprised that after one full day of 3 doses, my sugar/salt cravings were gone. It was a totally unexpected result. When I forgot to take it with me on a short trip, the cravings came back. Not exactly scientific, but seems to have worked for me.

Dee C.

Well150 exceeded my expectations for sure. It definitely made a big difference in my insomnia. After doing more research, I moved up to to the 1000mg bottle and have received huge benefits for my knee arthritis. I didn’t know much about dosing CBD before I purchased the Well150.

Matt R.

Canneuro600 — I find this to be very helpful to me. I like this better then several others I have tried. Thank you.

Susan S.

Canneuro600 — We purchased this oil about three weeks ago for our son who is on the spectrum had ADHD. For a while he was struggling with different ADHD medications prescribed by his pediatrician. He had terrible reactions to them and what’s worse, they didn’t relieve any of his ADHD symptoms or improve his focus. When we started this oil we noticed changes right away. Improved eye contact. Happier. More focused. We are so grateful to have found Wellphora and we will continue purchasing these products for ever. Thank you for what you are doing. I have my son back!

Katie B.

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