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Golfer’s Magazine features “A Golfer’s Secret,” a personal experience with Wellphora’s Roll-On Pain Cream

Running alongside the ad for our new Roll-On Pain Cream, this account is typical of many of our user’s stories about what Wellphora’s Pain Cream products have done to help them maintain active lifestyles.

Here’s the story:

“Getting older is a blessing, and I face each day waking up with gratitude knowing that I opened my eyes, and at the very least I’m surrounded daily by friends and family who love me. With age comes wisdom, so they say, but age also brings more health concerns than I’ve ever been faced with before. After I retired from a great career in the fire service my body was beat up and tired. Physical ac-tivities that I once enjoyed were now making me question if I was healthy enough to do them anymore because I was always hurting and felt like I had to pay a price for physical activity. And that price was pain.

“I have never been a fan of going to the doctor just to get another prescription drug, because we all know that there are consequences to pharmaceuticals and often they create new problems. As someone who was raised in a conservative home and had almost no exposure to cannabis, even less of full-spectrum CBD as an adult because of a government job, I was not an advocate for anything cannabis related. But then I found out about CBD a few years ago and it changed my life. I had no idea initially that CBD had nothing to do with marijuana or getting high and that it was actually derived from hemp.

“My retirement passion is golf and my only “golf regret” is that I didn’t know how amazing this game was for the first 40+ years of my life. Now every week is planned around tee times and social events. As much as CBD has helped me with my chronic issues, it has also helped me to sleep more soundly and feel better in just about every aspect of my life. I take about 90mg of full-spectrum CBD daily and found that to be my “sweet spot” (comparatively, my wife takes about 50mg daily and is a little over half my weight).

“I recently came across a new product designed specifically for golfers and it is a literally a game changer! Wellphora’s Pain Cream Roll-on is 1200mg and is completely hands free so I don’t have to get anything on my hands that could affect my grip. I keep it in my golf bag and use it wherever I’m sore before I tee off for almost instant relief. Now all my buddies use it too and we have noticed an improvement in our scores that we attribute to being able to keep better form when we’re not hampered with pain. I have tried other products, but none better than what I get from

“I may be partial because they are Firefighter and Veteran owned, but you can’t argue with feeling great and lower scores.”

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