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We take a comprehensive approach to product quality because that forms the foundation of trust we have with our customers. Our products are subjected to a full panel of industry-standard testing, as well as our own self-imposed standards that far exceed industry standards to ensure that what you receive is both safe and effective. Click on the links below for the most recent laboratory test report on a particular Wellphora product.

Our Quality Laboratory Test Reports

Canneuro 600
Canneuro 1000
CanneuroMax 2500
Russell's Reserve
Canneuro Doze
Softgels Zero 750
Softgels Full-Spectrum 750/1500
Todd Treats
Thrivessence Pain Cream 555
Roll-On CBD Pain Cream 1200
Pain Cream 2K
Pain Cream Zero 555
Bright Skin Zero
Thrivessence Body Butter
Thrivessence Eye Cream
Thrivessence Body Moisturizer
Thrivessence Organic Daily Moisturizer
600 Zero
1000 Zero
2500 Zero
CBD Coffee Companion, French Vanilla
CBD Coffee Companion, Classic Caramel
CBD Gummies

All of our full-spectrum products use the Proprietary Wellphora Full Spectrum Blend as their underlying constituent component:
Proprietary Wellphora Full Spectrum Blend

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