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Introducing Gummy420!

We are truly excited to introduce to our Wellphora tribe our sister brand Gummy420.

We just launched this new line of gummies that we’re sure will be a hit with everyone looking for safe, legal, high-quality Delta-9 THC. The Gummy420 product line was formulated with the discerning gummy connoisseur in mind, whether they’re a rock star, astronaut, time traveler, or just good folks looking for the absolute best Delta-9 gummies. Our years of experience and in-house manufacturing enable us to make the highest-quality, tastiest gummy at the most competitive price — and just like with Wellphora CBD products, under the industry’s most stringent quality standards.

From our flavor-blasting Peach, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Green Apple and Sour Neon Rings to our pucker-punching Blueberry Extreme Sour Belts, our gummies already get consistent raves on the taste experience versus other THC gummies on the market.

You can choose from regular-potency 10mg gummies packaged in 100mg bags for great sleep or go for high-potency 300mg bags (20mg & 25mg gummies) when it’s time for something much stronger. products are all hemp-derived Delta-9 THC with less than .3% by weight, in full compliance with the 2018 farm bill.

We’re anxious to hear your feedback from your Gummy 420 experience.

— The Wellphora Team

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